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The internet has neighborhoods. We all know when we have crossed over to the wrong side of the tracks. That’s not where you are right now. So you can pop that browser history off private. You’re safe here. My name is Missy. If I piss you off, do like my momma and call me Missy Leigh. This is my neighborhood. We’re on the state line where Mississippi meets Alabama just a little ways down a rural road. The porch wraps all the way around the house. There’s always a spare rocking chair, it’s always a summer night and the crickets are always chirping. There’s really no better place on this cryptid cluttered earth to listen to a story. And I have one hell of a story to tell you.

Lastest Work
It was a typical Sunday, until  I saw a terrifying creature in the middle of the road.
It was nightmare fuel. My fear reached levels that were so extreme I thought I would die. Until that moment, I had been living a superficial life. I needed a wake-up call. And nothing can bring a girl back down to earth like coming face-to-face with a real-life monster. In the aftermath of this encounter, I struggled to understand what I’d seen. After searching the internet, I realized I wasn’t alone. People from all over had encounters with the same creatures. There was also a picture of this beast captured in 2010 by a trail camera in Louisiana, but there was an issue. The image was quickly dismissed and “debunked.” I wondered, “What does debunked mean? How does someone become a debunker? Was there a chance that this was an authentic photo? What are pale crawlers? What is the Rake? Is there a correlation?” I made it my mission to get to the bottom of the image and determine if it was truly debunked. I felt that I would investigate the photo, and that would be the end of it. I realize now that the investigation was only the beginning. These creatures are novel to most of us, but there are certain players who are aware of what they are, where they come from, and why they are here. This is not an easy story to tell. Some of the information is going to bump up against your belief system. It might get uncomfortable. If you decide to continue, I must advise that you proceed with extreme caution.
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Something about my particular arrangement of molecules has set me up for countless experiences of high strangeness. I imagine this ability is due to a number of things. I’ve heard it runs in families. My great grandmother, Lillie was psychic AF. I also have a neurological condition called Synesthesia. Incoming information meant to stimulate one of my senses bleeds through and stimulates others. It irks me that experiences of high strangeness are swiftly dismissed. So that’s the whole point of this social suicide experiment. I would like to help shift the cultural narrative as it relates to the supernatural.


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